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Shenzhen tourism rebound slow hotel sales loss

Date: 2020-07-28

As important sector of the national consumption, tourism hotel industry under the outbreak suffered major trauma.Ai media consulting report pointed out that, according to travel during the Spring Festival of 2019 income scale outbreak cost the tourism industry in 2020 is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan, equivalent to the first quarter to about 2% of gross domestic product (GDP).And with the domestic epidemic gradually ease, the current tourism hotel industry recovery?Reporter recently visited shenzhen area of travel agencies and hotels, many people begin to restart your travel plan, but the travel agency is still slowly back to the temperature, the hotel industry also is in intensify efforts to the promotion, power loss during the outbreak.

Tourism: slow rebound for living

"Epidemic, although has not completely over, many people have to hold, to go out tourism."Shenzhen small stores a large travel agency staff told reporters, the company opened in May, guangdong province, July to open up domestic travel, although the customer more than this time of year, but finally in a little bit of make up for the first half of the gap.

Small gu told reporters that due to travel a lot of people in the province will adopt the method of drive travel, swim so province customer quantity is not very big, but some of the domestic travel route is very popular."We in xishuangbanna of yunnan province on July 27, line is full, the line of yunnan had been popular during the summer.", the source said, according to the normal line of xinjiang also is very hot, but this year repeated outbreaks in xinjiang, has been canceled.

Because of the outbreak spread abroad and still no sign of abating, domestic travel agencies cancelled outbound tourism line comprehensively, this for the travel agency, is a big loss."Swim in the province and domestic travel are no profit, the unit price, low volume or from the outbound tourism travel agency's main profit, but now the outbound tourism has been cancelled, the travel agency can only tighten their belts a bitter day."Little sighs.

Small said, now the major travel agencies have only one wish, is to be alive."Don't count on much better business this year, next year may do not have, we started selling fruit in the first half, just to be alive."Small gu told reporters that his wage is much less in the first half of this year, more worried about is, travel agencies benefit from bad to worse, they would be eliminated.

The reporter understands, to promote the recovery of business as soon as possible, many travel agencies also specifically for customers personalized needs to launch a custom business, "custom launch response is good, but now I don't how line".

Companies check for journalists, according to data from February to April this year, the number of travel related enterprises in shenzhen city cancellation revoked from five to 88, began to appear after April, cancellation revoked began to decline, the number of related businesses were 49 in May and June of 61.

Besides people travel intentions are not fully recovered, some scenic spot has not completely let go of all project facilities.Reporter in shenzhen several major scenic spot, the survey found although some scenic spot has officially open for a long time, but the landscape in the landscape, project performance, and some of the exhibition experience pavilion still not opening to the outside world, originally designed for maintaining the order of line up and set the fence alone sit idle and waiting area is empty.

According to reporter understanding, in order to restore the tourism market, also launched a 2020 visit go to pearl river delta, pearl river delta 2 limited special 198 yuan, 99 yuan 1 card, tickets in hand can swim in the pearl river delta of many attractions.Attractions include the Windows of the world, splendid China, offshore rural, rural landscape, and guangzhou, dongguan, foshan, zhongshan, and other scenic spots of the city.

There is a sale on hotel industry: force loss

For the travel and tourism hotel industry which is closely linked, is still struggling with before dawn.Field before reporters visited shenzhen lo wu and Mr Fukuda's hotel, found that at present, almost all the hotel through the low price promotion to increase the hotel occupancy rate, reduce the spare rooms, relieve the strain on cash flow problems.

As one of the important land port linking Hong Kong, shenzhen luohu port of entry and exit each year more than 80 million passengers, on weekends or holidays, customs clearance is many flock, near the hotel occupancy rate is very high.But now though the ease, near the hotel the resurrection was not full of blood.Shenzhen love fly a Chen manager told reporters that international travel agency near a five-star hotel occupancy rate is very low, as usual to store the guest in the majority with the people of Hong Kong and southeast Asia customers, but the outbreak the luohu port have not been able to customs clearance, tourists reduced about 80%.

Reporters at the scene of see the hotel's popularity cold and cheerless, a lobby manager told reporters that "near the hotel's business is bad, is to store the guest basic it is to travel or domestic tourism, and the price is cheaper, the scheduled 600 yuan/night, if this time is the peak season, at ordinary times the price 1000 yuan of above."

And the other a business hotel located in the lo wu railway station has been hit far more serious, the hotel sales manager Ally, told reporters that "we have a total of 90 rooms, there is only 30 between customer reservation, occupancy rate of 33%, after a predetermined customers mostly for the people of Hong Kong, but now the Hong Kong outbreak, pending customs clearance, can not know until what time.Now can only save themselves by reducing prices, at present the hotel price is in 400 yuan per night."

Although the outbreak of futian district hotel impact is small, but now the hotel management level of the area, is still not back to before the outbreak.Futian district choi entrance at an international hotel sales department manager said, at present the hotel occupancy rate at about 80%, mainly for the north broadly to deep travel business, the price is in 650 yuan/night including breakfast.Mr Fukuda star hotel "the price should be the lowest price, and before the outbreak, the lowest price also is controlled in 850 yuan/night, but not include breakfast."

To save the disease brings loss to the hotel, there are many hotels, other businesses, such as the east China sea during the outbreak of a hotel in shenzhen opened mall, to the hotel guest room, dining, swimming pool, gym and other core products, packaged into discount gift CARDS, cash flow through the network to open to booking a cage.In addition, the lo wu commercial hotel near a train station a concierge staff told reporters that at present the hotel has launched a "laundry delivery" and meal delivery business, "at present mainly include some club washing needs to dominate, plus a small amount of guests, also can have some of the community residents, the clothing material fee, down 80 yuan/a, the skirt of summer 55 yuan/piece ~ 70 yuan/piece."

Survey: the four adults have a travel plan

For many families, tourist travel is just to be a year, but the outbreak, really made a lot of families are hesitant."My son suppress jaded in the home, said to go out every day."Ms yuan recently shenzhen citizens want to take children while children summer vacation travel time, on the one hand, she worried about the child's body and mind will suppress bad, on the other hand, to go out of hotel have scruples, "travel together with us, the older the hotel under the outbreak has now concerns."

During the summer vacation, many families have ms yuen such plans.Reporters after the outbreak of travel will do a questionnaire survey, according to the survey, 43.59% of respondents said that as the epidemic, have a travel plan, but still need to wait time, only 12.82% of people said in a planned way, and will immediately travel recently.In addition, more than half of respondents said they would travel together with your family and children.

But like Ms. Yuan and parents have concerns about a hotel, there are more than thirty percent in the investigation of journalists, but 48.72% of the respondents said that will be decided depending on the type of hotel.On the choice of the hotel, with 41% of respondents would opt for a hotel chain, while 33% of respondents would opt for a star hotel.

In the mode of travel, as much as 87% of respondents said that can take a free way to travel, only 10.26% of respondents would opt for a group tour.In respect of tourism destination, nearly sixty percent of people will visit the surrounding, the remaining forty percent of people will play at home, although is free travel, almost no one at this time also choose to play outside.

According to reporter understanding, although there are many hotels joint travel agencies offer some discount package, the price is very advantage, but only less than half of the respondents would because hotels and attractions to make promotion and increased willingness to travel, for when it is appropriate to travel after the outbreak, is suitable for where to go, most respondents have their own judgment and planning, in the short term, it is not easily influenced by sales promotion activity.