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"To protect the global village" opened on environmental arts and crafts Citizens can free admission experience

Date: 2015-10-21

Crystal newspaper news (reporter FuLiNa Zhang Yiliu intern) on October 17, shenzhen fellow fashionistas gathered at sea world, with a creative environmental arts and crafts to join "to protect the global village" large environmental arts and crafts exhibition, called on citizens to join the environmental issues, improve the environmental awareness of family, community and environmental protection concept, environmental behavior and green living habits, to beautify the community, to protect their homes contribute an own strength.
It is understood that the event window, the most striking is large environmental crafts, large device fashionable atmosphere, embodies the modern environmental protection and new trends. Set up a fun event more "green innovation fair" and "in" the object area. Many shenzhen fashionistas all took part in the activity, use waste material of environmental protection to design practical, elegant handicraft, attract many people to watch and exchange.
It is understood that the event hosted by the shenzhen nanshan district party committee propaganda department, style council, shenzhen nanshan theatre company to undertake the top of the hill. Activity will last six months, a month, a total of six games. Citizens live free experience.