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2015 national "double gen week" held on 19th shenzhen 12 projects included in the main venue

Date: 2015-10-21

Tomorrow (19), 2015 public business throughout the country united innovation cycle (hereinafter referred to as the "double gen weeks") will be held, which located in shenzhen and other seven cities at the venue should be started, with the Beijing main activities until 23. In recent years, shenzhen will pay close attention to the "double gen", from the aspects of hardware and software facilities, funds and other support for double gen activity and service platforms. In the double weeks on the main venue, "shenzhen" guest "will show the overall innovation capability.
It is understood that the main set up double gen weeks "shenzhen guest room", shenzhen for 12 items. At the venue will be in shenzhen innovative entrepreneurial BBS, venture capital institutions approach will, gen guest workshop activities, a guest marathon, space and guest, theme activities such as projects roadshow.
Six industrial park for double gen
The double gen weeks theme of "entrepreneurial innovation, convergence development new kinetic energy", the country has gone into the era of double innovation. Shenzhen has always attached great importance to the "double gen" work, from the aspects of hardware and software facilities, funds and other support for double gen activity and service platform, comprehensive promote the development of innovative undertaking.
Late last year, shenzhen is put forward to build international center, from the fund, the software and hardware facilities, such as talents to comprehensive promote the development of a guest.
In response to a national "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" and the construction of shenzhen, entrepreneurial venture capital of the national center for a guest's call to shenzhen for control and the shenzhen bay ecological garden of science and technology science and technology development and construction company operating in shenzhen bay, shenzhen software industry base, shenzhen bay innovation science and technology center, shenzhen bay entrepreneurial venture building and so on six big industrial park, provide enterprises with innovation service innovation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.
According to introducing, the center of the shenzhen venture capital in the software industry base pedestrian street for the space carrier, relying on high-tech zone, houhai headquarters economic zone and virtual university park industry background, the construction of shenzhen bay business square, creating innovative entrepreneurial venture and the theme of "four a" linkage blocks, meet the demand of shenzhen innovation entrepreneurship.
At present, shenzhen bay business square has introduced star of lenovo, jingdong JD +, pegasus, innovation, 3 w coffee, silicon valley technology, entrepreneurship, loose grain venture capital incubator, tencent shenzhen bond the gen space of 28 at home and abroad well-known business services. Shenzhen gathered more than 120 listed companies in the zone and the full agglomeration factors of innovation incubation.
In the double gen during the week, shenzhen investment control also set up the financial area of science and technology. According to introducing, to meet the demand of industrial park zone science and technology enterprises of different financial services, shenzhen investment control integration from the government, society, financial institutions and pitch control system of enterprise resources, build financial service platform of science and technology, for the enterprise to provide the whole life cycle of "one-stop" work style, personalized service.
At the same time, the government financial resources, the city investment promotion bureau, municipal finance office, city public office, venture office, city kechuang appoint relevant departments to support, in the aspects such as policy consultation, financial support to form the system of network resources, service technology innovative enterprises in the park.