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First draw guest + comics creative arts exhibition (17, read the opening of shenzhen

Date: 2015-10-21

Annual "creativity" of December is PengCheng a new wave of creativity, and a set of the press, the world of art masters of creative arts exhibition will be held on October 17 sunset to shenzhen. Sponsored by 58 shenzhen newspaper group, shenzhen, shenzhen advertising association, the full support of the green landscape group, etc, a scene - 2015 China (shenzhen), the first draw guest + comics creative arts exhibition will be the grand opening of shenzhen art museum, one hundred comic artists will gather in "design it all", serenading art feast. The comic novel creative art form of exhibition, higher-ups, watch is great.
What to watch for a:
Shenzhen version of the "secret garden" appearance again
It is understood that the first draw the guest + comics creative arts exhibition will be held on October 17 ~ 24 JCP eight days, the entire open free to the public. Mangrove bay and earlier in the green one conference at shenzhen "secret garden" - the "dream" printer @ shenzhen 35 meters flax long will also exhibited again, citizens can close this time appreciate the artist's shenzhen "city of the future" : cultivate baby chip for the future of the hospital, the powerful and unconstrained style of business functions, the city of suspended in the sky above the city, is full of tong qu and contain the shenzhen people's vision of the future city.
Point 2:
Hundreds of outstanding works exhibited around the world
This session of exhibition with "the view" as the theme, set the global Chinese artists "ideal city" in the form of paintings, build the blueprint of ideal city, boost cultural creative industry development in shenzhen. Since the middle of August release exhibition after filling and comic fans participated in numerous artists, the organizing committee has received from Australia, Austria, Laos and other countries as well as throughout the country a total of nearly thousand entries. Contest expert panel that will be on the evening of 16, the original comic, 12 awards, such as newspaper cartoons, illustrations, and a number of outstanding award and the excellent work prize, the prize presentation ceremony will be held after 17 years of ceremonies.
Third point:
Comic master chat about comics creative arts
Numerous national renowned comic artists gathered in PengCheng, diffuse fans waiting to shenzhen. In order to satisfy the desire to diffuse fans, the exhibition invited wang Lin, XiaoChengSen, 邝飚, Mr. Murong popular cartoonist site to share experiences, such as knife, and a fan site interaction, then the fan can be first glimpse idol. At the same time, from academic, news, design and other celebrities and artists gathered, painted a guest + comics creative arts BBS, painted to discuss guest + under the age of comics how to innovation and development.
More it is worth looking forward to, the shenzhen local comic higher-ups will also be a small show, and hand-painted diffuse as the residents in the scene. Not only that, but there are mysterious paper-cut like, love of comic art citizens not to be missed. Specific exhibition information can focus on "shenzhen ZAKER" or "picture guest +" official WeChat understanding. (reporter Liu wan interns Du Ting)