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The 118th Canton fair Deep enterprises with confidence for "make order"

Date: 2015-10-15

On October 15, the 118th Canton fair. The present overseas purchasing merchants a slight drop in the number, clinch a deal the situation is not optimistic. However, in this is known as the "barometer" of China's foreign trade on the big stage, many enterprises are still in shenzhen with confidence "win orders", be the unique charm of shenzhen foreign trade.
Reporters from the scene to see, to carry out the first day, there are many customers not to, the sentiment does not reach the peak. With exhibitors tells a reporter, because some people had not yet arrived, the next day, the third day when merchants amount should be larger.
At the fair, for the first time to attend the Canton fair shenzhen SiLi inscription technology co., LTD., with confidence, the company brings a new type of shoe polisher, people just stood in the top three to five seconds, can rub the sole spotless, entered the room without shoes. The company will shoe machine to the market last year, won the award for the best display of CHTF last year, mainly for environmental requirements of high electronic manufacturing company, etc. Since this year, the company began to enter the overseas markets, has been exported to the United States such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, exports amounted to nearly $500000.
Shenzhen silver star intelligent technology co., LTD. Is the "old friend" the Canton fair, the lead to independent research and development of intelligent cleaner come to the attention of many customers. In front of the booth, sales representatives liu yh is introduced, the Canton fair is a foreign trade winter, but her day, business as usual, now the company's exports are still growing every year.
To purchaser in this year, there were 353 countries and regions along the "area" enterprise participation, accounted for nearly sixty percent, imports show their strong investment ability to attract the attention of enterprises. Industrial design co., LTD., general manager of shenzhen China yida Chinese and western qiu-hua liu firmly stay on the market. As domestic top sanitary ware design of the professional company, China yida in recent years has won the domestic high-grade building three periods of shekou peninsula cities, hangzhou, ginkgo remit abroad also won the Australian Sydney, Melbourne and other high-grade building dish, is struggling to glory. Qiu-hua liu said that the current global economy is still not recovery, the European and American countries shrinking market, Chinese enterprises the best way out is to follow the "way" of alignment "way" of markets, making them more understanding of Chinese products, in shenzhen, understand Chinese products is international. (in ear Yao Jiali)